iMagic Hotel Reservation


A list of all the pages on this website.

Product Overview

An overview of iMagic Hotel Reservation, features and what it can be used for. Also includes screen shots and a link to the update page.

System Requirements

Basic system requirements, including Operating System, available hard disk space, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions from our support area, often you can find the answer to your questions here.


Details about the support offered with iMagic Hotel Reservation. How to contact us and use our public forum. The forum is also useful to find other users using the system.


How to purchase the system, and pricing on multiple user editions.

Download Trial

Links to downloading the trial version, a free 10 use trial version of the system. There is no difference between the full version and the trial, this allows you to see if the product is right for your business before purchasing.

About Us

A page about the history and makers iMagic.

Who is using it?

Who's using iMagic Hotel Reservation and what are they saying?

Online Guest Calendar

An Online Guest Calendar that you can include on your website to show guests real-time room availability.

Hotel Articles

A collection of articles on hotel management and hotel software.

Article - Online Hotel Reservations

An article on why and how you can take online reservations for your hotel, including a guide on setting up with

Site map

This page. Lists all the pages on the site.

Link to us

If you enjoy iMagic Hotel Reservation and you own a website you might want to link to us. This page lists HTML and images so you can do just that.

Hotel Management Blog

Our hotel management and software blog, with tips and ideas on small business and how to use iMagic Hotel Reservation.

Screenshot Index

A collection of Screenshots of iMagic Hotel Reservation - handy if you want to take a look without downloading.

Advanced Calendar Screenshot

Overview of the Advanced Calendar view.

Booking Dates Screenshot

Overview of the Step by Step Booking System.

Configuration Wizard Screenshot

Overview of the Configuration Wizard.

Graph Screenshot

Overview of the Quick Stats and Graphs available.

Reports Screenshot

Overview of the printable Reports.

Simple Calendar Screenshot

Overview of the Simple Calendar view.

Startup Screenshot

Information on other screens available.

View Customers Screenshot

Overview of the View Customers view.

Web Booking Screenshot

Overview of the Web Booking Wizard.

Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition, our browser/cloud based edition. Use on Windows, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet. On any device with a modern browser, anywhere with an internet connection.


Piracy of the system.

What's New

The What's New Page, lists out the update versions and what features were added in that version. It's also handy to get a feel for the specifics of the system.

For Microsoft Office

A page for Microsoft Office visitors and how the systems can link together.