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Online Guest Calendar - show guests room availability

Use our Online Guest Calendar for real-time room availability on your hotel website.

Potential guests want to quickly know if a room is available. If they can't be sure, they may well become frustrated and give up on the booking process and go elsewhere, resulting in lost revenue. At the same time, your hotel is busy, and it's challenging to keep a website updated with the current room availability after every new booking. Instead of frustrating guests with out of date availability, you can instead gain more reservations by showing guests up to date availability on your website. Your guests will appreciate how easy you make it for them!

The Online Guest Calendar links into iMagic Hotel Reservation. As you make a new booking or change an existing booking, this add-on will detect the change and automatically sync it with the online calendar. The online calendar can be easily embedded into your website with a few easy lines of HTML. You'll be giving your guests precisely what they need to make a booking.

What is included and pricing

Our Online Guest Calendar is an add-on subscription service to iMagic Hotel Reservation. It includes several features that help your guests choose to book at your hotel.

A subscription to our Online Guest Calendar includes:

What do you need in order to use the Online Guest Calendar?

The requirements to use the Online Guest Calendar are:

I'd love an Online Guest Calendar! What do I need to do?

It just takes a few steps to add the Online Guest Calendar to your website and link it to iMagic Hotel Reservation.

How to get going:

Subscribe to our Online Guest Calendar service today and start seeing your new happy guests!

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