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About iMagic

iMagic is not your average Software company. We understand that our business is people not computers. We started our business back in 1990 because we saw even then that with the help of this new technology we could help make people's lives better; that the potential for great things lay within everyone.

We had early success developing software for many different industries (Banking, Communications, and Corporate Networking) for companies like Barclays Bank, Lloyds bank, Telstra, and big blue, IBM but we never lost our original vision of helping the average person achieve great success.

That is what led us to develop "iMagic Hotel Reservation" software. We looked around and realized that one of the most underserved industries out there was the Hospitality Business. Not the big guys who can afford to have their own custom systems built but the smaller family owned and run places. This spoke to our own entrepreneurial roots and we decided to help you even the playing field.

What We Offer You

What we offer is for you to have all the reservation and analytical tools you need to compete on and equal footing with the large chains.

We enable you to:

What makes us different

Not to blow our own horn but as we said in the beginning we are not your average tech company. Besides being built on the idea of people first, technology second; a few other things that make us different are:

We not only recognize the need to serve our clients but our community and the world at large.

The beauty of the computer revolution was supposed to be that it would make everyone's life easier. We have stayed dedicated to that idea. Our software not only is loaded with features to enable you to handle your reservation, booking and much of your operations without the drudgery of shuffling papers. It is designed to do it without you having to learn an entire new set of skills. Our software is designed to be user friendly and follows the K.I.S.S. rule.

Our goal is to automate as much of your workload as possible so that you can get back to business of running your business and still have time left over to live your life. We believe we have done just that. But rather than just listen to us listen to what some of our customers have to say.

"I am staggered by your great service, and am very pleased to use your program and services." - Dave Lloyd - ME, United States

"WOW let me congratulate you on great service" - Manie Vuuren - Alberton, South Africa

"I am enjoying the program and find it very easy to navigate." - Diane Lauzon - MB, Canada

"I am duly impressed with imagic customer service, a great service!" - Tiffany M. Feroe - MA, United States

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