iMagic Hotel Reservation


This tables shows the main features of iMagic Hotel Reservation. View the Learn More page for additional details.

Reservation Management
Quickly Create Reservations
Booking Status - Booked, Not confirmed, Checked In, Checked-Out, Confirmed, user defined.
Unlimited Rooms
Avoid double bookings
Charge per Night, Person, Week, Hour, Month or combinations
Seasonal Pricing, with Multiple Seasons over the year
Handles tax and state or secondary tax (if needed)
Simple and Advanced Calendar Views
Color coded reservations
View summary reservations with name or custom fields
Multiple date formats
Note icons to highlight additional details
Add Booking Custom Field
Rearrange Room Order
Drag and Drop reservations to change rooms
Online Bookings, take reservations from your website
Sort by time, name or room
Print Confirmations and Receipts with automatic calculations
Modify templates to include logos, terms or details as required
Record booking notes
Track Commission Accounts and Payments
Book from date and time
Define default checkin and checkout times
Track which user made any booking
Define which Users can use which functions
Step by Step booking wizard
Select from list of rooms available
Record new or search for existing customers
Add any additional charges, towels, laundry, etc.
Automatic bill calculations
Track deposits and customer payments
Multiple payment methods
Automatically add additional charges
Find Reservations by Date or Confirmation number
Live View of Reservations
Live View of Capacity
Customer Quick Search
Export Reservatons in standard CSV formats for Excel, etc.
Room Management
Book Rooms, Apartments, Studios, Halls, Lodges or define your own
Automatic tracking of room availability
Multiple charge types, by night, person, etc.
Automatic tax calculation
Automatic inclusive tax calculations (for VAT, GST, etc)
Define standard or seasonal room rates
Room notes
Book multiple rooms in each reservation
Live View of Allocated Rooms and Capacity
Quickly view room availability
Browse ahead and view upcoming reservations
View rooms in graph or report formats
Multiple pre-built reports available
Define custom reports using MS Access or MS Excel
Export Cleaning Lists
Customer Management
Automatically creates a Customer Database
Customer Booking History
View Customer overdue amounts
Live View of Customer's Booking Status
Record Customer Contact and Address Details
Automatically recall customers for new bookings
Customer Quick Find
Pre-defined Customer Reports
Import Customer Wizard
Email Mailing List Wizard
Credit Card Records
Sort by name, address, zip or phone
Export Customers to standard CSV files for MS Access, MS Excel etc.
Built in Reports
Print directly to Printer or Plain Text Files, PDF or Web Page
Compatible with MS Access and Crystal Reports
Reservations for selected Weeks, Months or Years
Quick view of total reservations in week
Customer List
Checked Out Report
Payment Reports
In-house Report
Billing Reports
Room Report
Occupancy Report
View Unconfirmed Reservations
Quick Statistics
Multiple Graph Styles - 3D Bar, 2D Line, etc.
Export Reservations, Customers to CSV for Excel, etc.
Print and Export Displayed Bookings
Live Graphs
Very Easy to Use Interface
Configuration Wizard gets you started quickly
Database Backup always available
Password protect and create User Access for features
Export data to standard CSV files
Compatible with MS Office
Take web bookings online
Software Updates