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Why do you need Hotel Reservation Software?

Running a business should be about allowing yourself to concentrate on the aspects of that business that you love. By allowing your PC to handle the administrative tasks, through reservation software, it helps you to achieve that goal. Reservation software often allows you to perform tasks that would be difficult or time consuming to do manually. Such as producing reports, collating customer or reservation data or helping with financial statements.

How can iMagic Hotel Reservation Help?

iMagic Hotel Reservation has been designed to be an easy to use software system that helps you manage your reservations, customers and rooms. It manages vast amounts of information efficiently, allowing you to manage more, monitor performance, track payments and will lead you towards achieving repeat business. The result is less time spent on automated tasks, freeing up resources, costing you less and helping you in your business.

Why iMagic Hotel Reservation?

iMagic Hotel Reservation has these benefits:

It's really easy to use - get started more quickly than ever. From Configuration Wizards that get you up and running in no time, to a simple, elegant, easy to use interface that makes day to day operations quick and efficient. Now anyone can take hotel reservations.
Waste less time on managing bookings - let our hotel software keep track and crunch the numbers, so you can spend time on what you're best at - running your business.
Flexible support - featuring regular updates based on ideas from our customers and the latest bug fixes. Straightforward email and web forum support, including updated articles and tips and tricks. All designed around you to help you manage your hotel.

Common Uses of iMagic Hotel Reservation

iMagic Hotel Reservation is used to help in tasks including:

Hotel managers wanting more cost efficient methods of taking, maintaining and tracking reservations.
Tracking guest payments and deposits, recording customer details for repeat business.
Keeping all your information on customers and reservations together in a single place. Avoiding missing bookings due to lost paper or double bookings.
Help in keeping track of the big picture, making sure that your business is on the right track, promotions are working as expected and avoiding any nasty surprises.

For more details on iMagic Hotel Reservation view our Feature List.