iMagic Hotel Reservation

Cloud Edition - browser based edition of iMagic Hotel Reservation

iMagic Hotel Reservation is desktop based, that is you install it on your Windows desktop to use it. We also have a Cloud Edition, where you don't install it on your desktop but instead login through a browser.

Why would you want to use Cloud Based Hotel Management Software?

It depends on your circumstances. Cloud-Based has different advantages to desktop-based, but also its own set of disadvantages.

Let's look at the desktop-based edition. You would download and install the desktop edition onto your Windows PC. You only need to have an internet connection for a short time. Updates are optional, but you do need to install them manually. Your guests, bookings and so on are stored in a central 'database file', which you should backup. The desktop edition requires Windows, so it will not work on devices that are not using Windows.

Cloud-Based means that you can open a browser on your PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet and then log in. You can use the software from any device or location. You do, however, need an internet connection. You also don't have to install/update software, manage your database, and it's easier to have multiple people logging in at once. You pay a subscription in a similar way to Netflix or other online subscriptions.

What is included and pricing

Our Cloud Edition is a subscription service, it is a replacement to the desktop edition of iMagic Hotel Reservation.

A subscription to our Cloud Edition includes:

What do you need in order to use the Cloud Edition?

The requirements to use the Cloud Edition are:

I'm interested in the Cloud Edition! What do I need to do?

Awesome! Contact us and we will provide a cost based on your requirements. We can show you a demo account before you purchase.

Contact us now and take a look at how you can benefit from managing your hotel online!

What our awesome customers are saying:

"I am staggered by your great service, and am very pleased to use your program and services." - Dave Lloyd - ME, United States

"WOW let me congratulate you on great service" - Manie Vuuren - Alberton, South Africa

"I am enjoying the program and find it very easy to navigate." - Diane Lauzon - MB, Canada

"I am duly impressed with imagic customer service, a great service!" - Tiffany M. Feroe - MA, United States