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Organizing events through your hotel for additional revenue

I love small business!

Ever been on the phone and been transferred to different departments in an almost endless loop because you have a question that isn't on their list? That's big business, nobody knowing what the heck's going on. Forget it! Too hard! Small business all the way. You might not be guaranteed to speak to someone who doesn't need prompting, but in my experience you at least have a chance and more often than not you will find a genuine smile.

Here's a post I received from a friendly Dyan in Weirs Beach:

Open Customer Quote

We have several special events that occur and there are special protocols set up for each which we acknowledge with the confirmation. Right now, I am manually adjusting the confirmation template to reflect the special protocols. Can you have multiple confirmation letters?

Yup! iMagic Hotel can automatically create documents for you, some of those are the confirmation and receipts you might want to create when a booking is made or on check out. But you'll notice that under Configure/Settings you only get the option to specify a single Template File Folder:

Hotel management, creating multiple events
Promoting events from your hotel can generate additional income, here we're looking at creating customer confirmations for each event.

iMagic Hotel is currently setup with a single confirmation in mind, but multiple confirmations are still possible by creating a folder for each confirmation event.

Here's how:

  1. Open the Template File Folder in Windows.
  2. For each event create a new sub-folder, it's probably easiest to name the sub-folder after the event. So you might have:
  3. Hotel management, making your events match a folder structure in Windows
    Managing your hotel is easier if you stay organized, here we're creating a folder structure that matches our event offerings.
  4. Then copy all the Template Files into each of the sub-folders you've just created. This is important as iMagic Hotel will expect them to all exist together even if you're just changing one.
  5. You can then modify each confirmation template for each of the events as required.

Then later when you're wanting to print a confirmation for the event you'd switch the Template File Folder before pressing Print Confirmation, so:

  1. Select from the main menu Configure/Settings, then change the Template File Folder to the sub-folder of the event. Click OK.
  2. Then click Print Confirmation.

The one thing that's better than buying from a small business? Being able to help another one! Good luck Dyan. :o)